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About Loz & Co

Loz & Co supports small businesses with an array of marketing and operations services fueled with creativity and passion. If you need it, we can do it!

Colleen Lozano, business consultant and founder of Loz & Co, has a robust background in both corporate and small business. Working with The United States House of Representatives and a Top 20 Accounting Management firm, Colleen discovered her purpose for marketing, operations, and finding fulfillment in helping others.

After success with

Supporting Major Corporate Transitions

 Colleen left the corporate world in 2017. This pivot took her to explore her creativity from an angle that benefits small businesses. While working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, she discovered that many were stuck in areas within operations and marketing.

Without the massive budgets of corporate companies, Loz & Co found the sweet spot of balancing both marketing and operations on a smaller scale. This allows business owners and entrepreneurs to get the help they need, leveraging Colleen’s services without the requirement of a full-time employee.

Collaborating with Loz & Co will bring something new and exciting to your business. It fuels our fire to work in new industries while putting our creativity to the test. Loz & Co looks forward to growing your business while being a part of your story.